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Selected Films

These are just some of the many films that we have been honored to capture.


The Wedding of Daniel & Shelby

Daniel and Shelby reminded us what passionate love looks like! We are so glad to have been apart of such a fun and beautiful day. What a way to start the New Year! Here we come 2018!!


The Wedding of Clay & Kassidy

Clay and Kassidy let their love warm each in the middle of December. The beauty of this couple and the family they surrounded themselves with was a truly authentic experience of what a wedding day is meant to be. This is their highlight video shot entirely on the GH5.




The Wedding of Will & Ashley

This couple was a real treat to get to know. We shot this wedding near Tifton, GA in a quaint little town full of character. The joy and love that this couple had when they were together just overflowed to all those in contact. We always try and capture the emotions of the couple ,and I can honestly say that the smiles and laughter  you see in the video were some of the most genuine feelings we could have asked for.  



The Wedding of Grant & Blakelee

The small vineyard type setting was to die for. The intimate setting of friends and family was what made this wedding truly magical. When you have a group of friends that constantly make you laugh and family that show love so extravagantly one can't help but fall in love. An honor to get to know this couple and experience the beautiful emotions of that day.



The Wedding of Brent & Ashley

This bride was one of the most elegant and sweet people we have ever met. The natural beauty of the old colonial style house and the horse drawn carriage really put this wedding over the top. Brent and Ashley were truly a beautiful couple inside and out. Just from the moment I was introduced to the couple I knew it was going to be a magical day full of love and romance.